Walking In Lockdown

This is the final outcome of my work for assignment 5. In between my initial submission (https://simon513313documentary.net/2021/01/05/covid-restrictions/) and now I have renamed this work as the original title placed too much emphasis on the surrounding social restrictions and not enough on the act of walking.

Like the majority of my work on this course so far, the Covid restrictions in place have made this more difficult than I expected at the start. I intend these images to evoke the restrictions by using an artificial restriction that I have placed on myself by only taking photographs at points determined by the pedometer.

I have cropped the images to a 5/4 ratio to imply a sense of stasis, of time standing still. The selected images are those that most represent both my own mood and what I perceive as a general perception of the lockdown restrictions. I don’t want to suggest excessive loneliness – not something I felt at all – but rather the idea of isolation, distance and separation. Several of the images are explicitly suggestive of the forbidden, of options and activities that are no longer permitted. Since the restrictions in place severely limited the scope for contact with other people I felt it appropriate that I would focus on work that both did not require this contact, and at the same time made this lack of contact a major point of the work.

In a Zoom talk on ‘Beyond the still image’ (see https://simon513313documentary.net/2020/12/08/beyond-the-still-image/) Michelle Bogre commented that in recent years documentary practise has begun to blur the lines between distinct categories of mirrors an windows, so that work can be both of these at the same time. I felt this comment to be particularly relevant to this work and encouraged me to continue with this project.

As suggested my David, my tutor, I have revised the sequence and also replaced one image with another that I had initially discarded. Once I was happy with the final sequence, and supporting text, I arranged for a local printer to produce a simple wire-bound copy of the results. Below are two photographs of this book.

I was not totally happy with the resulting publication. The images in the booklet were rather flat, and the wire-bound format seemed rather tired. I revised the layout a bit to make the images stand out and got a different printer to produce a hardback version.

This is the final work in PDF format

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