Survival Strategies – Final Version

My own experience of adjusting to the new reality during the pandemic was fairly straightforward. I was furloughed from my work for several months, and for the most part the extra time this gave me became a definite plus. I’m conscious that this was not the case for many people; changes in income, job security, family relationships, could all lead to stress.

People tried to find different ways to adapt to the situation, started new hobbies, and promised themselves that they would use this time profitably. It hasn’t always work out that way though, and as time went by without an end in sight, the initial optimism receded and became a nagging dullness as we became resigned to a situation seemingly without end.   

Sunshine optimism began to fade as life started to drag. Finances became tighter, and relationships began to strain as people had to spend longer and longer in the same place, with little variation. Eventually a new reality kicked in and we were forced to compromise between what we anticipated we could achieve and the realisation of our actual psychologies. Between the two poles we found a balance, a place where we could exist and adjust to realistic expectations of ourselves. What was initially an impetus driven by a perceived short-term situation became one requiring a different kind of stamina; it became a marathon and not a sprint. 

U.K Government has published advice ( on how to maintain mental health and wellbeing. Some may have found it useful, and equally some may have found it too simplistic. It was better than nothing though, and I have used the published advice as a link to the images in this work.  

This is the final work in PDF format

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