A5 Tutor Feedback

I fully accept David’s comments on the presentation of this work, and the focus of the introductory text. These are both areas where I was unclear myself about how I wanted this work to be seen, so another viewpoint is helpful. I’ve been aware of Richard Long’s work for a while now but I had not previously hear of any of the other artists mentioned in the ‘Walk On’ exhibition web page. I will investigate their work and possibly use their ideas to contextualise my project.

Some of the other technical considerations are areas that I can do something about in post-p as production. I’ve long been aware that the kit lens I use mostly on my Pentax produces images that are not always as sharp as I would like. David spoke about Leitax offering conversion mounts to adapt Leica lenses for Pentax cameras, but looking at the instructions makes me nervous that my hands would not be steady enough to handle this type of close contact work without losing vital pieces. I have looked casually into Pentax prime lenses before and really now is the time to properly invest in one.

I have occasionally conversed with other documentary students but as much as I would like to take part in the group Zoom sessions, Thursdays are never good for me, which is a pity.

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