Photography and Belief

Notes on Photography and Belief – Photographer’s Gallery Zoom talk

This was conducted as an interview between Duncan Wooldridge and David Levi Strauss, although I didn’t know until the talk began that it was related to a new book of the same title that David Levi Strauss had just brought out.

I did find the discussion to be a bit too rarified for me, with quite a lot of the talk to be around magic and the ideas of Vilém Flusser, someone I am not familiar with at all. Levi Strauss answered questions thoughtfully, but this made for quite a few long pauses, and together with his quiet speaking voice made the whole event rather soporific at times. He did speak about the idea that belief is directly linked to love, trust and credibility. Beyond that I didn’t get very much out of this interview, and the fact that so few questions were posted (in fact only one) during the session suggests to me that many others felt the same way. It all rather suggests that reading his book might be more productive

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