A4 Tutor Feedback

David mentions that I should revise the subject to clarify the relevance to photography. I did find that devising the title/subject was harder than the essay itself. I knew what I wanted to write about but finding a suitable subject proved awkward. So I am not at all surprised at David’s comment here.

Revising paragraphs to avoid ending on a reference, simplifying references, and adding captions to individual photographs, should not be difficult to address. David’s other comments refer to the need for a wider reading list, which will take a bit longer to address. I have now got Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’ on my Kindle, and have downloaded D.J. Clark’s thesis. John Taylor’s ‘A Dream of England’ is proving harder to get a complete copy – at least not without a lot of expense. OCA does have an extract that I can use, at least initially.

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