A3 Tutor Feedback

Feedback from assignment 3

David’s comments referring to wanting to know more about the subjects in this set, and more about the particular survival strategies, did slightly throw me at first. I’d intended the set as much more of an abstract view of dealing with lockdown but I can see what he means. I’d got rather tied up with looking at Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s ‘A Storybook Life’ and intended my piece to be read in the same manner. However I do see it can be read as a more conventional documentary set where context would be helpful.

I will try reworking this set to include supporting text; this may be in the form of explicit explanations, or slightly more allusive phrases along the lines of John Kippin’s work. I’ll try both and maybe find a common ground between what I intended and what David felt could improve the work. Quite possibly John Kippin’s approach will be the most appropriate solution.

David also suggests that these images might be read as ‘slower’ by altering the ratio. Again this is something I will try out.

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