Assignment 3 preparation

This will be an ongoing post, to show my thoughts and ideas for this assignment.


Although not I have quite a bit more reading and research around the subject of ‘The Colour Vision’, I want to at least start to plan for this assignment. An opportunity has arisen in that there are currently plans where I live to introduce a Low Traffic Community. The idea is to block certain roads to through traffic in order to improve community welfare and also to try and drive change in transport habits. Government funding rules require that this be implemented on a trial basis very quickly, meaning that this will or will not happen very soon. It would be foolish to not at least consider this as a subject.

At the moment I don’t see how to make this particularly visual; apart from one public gathering (below), all the consultations have taken place remotely via Zoom. If this is going to form the basis of this assignment I need to think carefully about how to visualise the debate.

City Councillor Sajjad Malik
Patrick Lingwood of Oxfordshire County Council


Although this has seemed a good idea – and I still believe this has possibilities – I have not been able to come up with a good way of visualising this. Almost all of what is being discussed is happening virtually so there is no physical presence to photograph. I have thought about using props to simulate barriers in roads but apart from the physical difficulty of not wanting to get run over, I’m not convinced it would look good anyway. I may still come back to this as an idea but I will explore other ideas.

Since lockdown has meant my wife and I spending most days together at home, I have thought about using our day to day lives as a subject. Using one’s own circumstances as a subject is perfectly viable (e.g. Briony Campbell); the question is can I make this interesting without becoming too solipsistic? Visually I think this will work, especially in colour.


I’d been considering the idea of using mine and Caroline’s experiences of lockdown as a subject but am very aware that this could be way too self-centred to be of any real interest. Thinking of how we came to be in the situation we are in got me to thinking how others have or might react differently.

I’ve been looking recently at Philip-Lorca di Corcia’s “A Storybook Life” and started to think this had possibilities as a way to allude to the possible reactions that might occur. So as way to get into this I jotted down a few phrases that suggest other reactions to the current situation.  This is just a few phrases to get me started; there will be others and this list may well get added to.

  • Endless fog
  • Garden of Eden
  • Ignorance is bliss
  • Going round in circles
  • Sleepless night
  • Snake-oil
  • Compassion
  • Suspicion

I don’t necessarily want to use these as direct illustrations, rather as jumping-off points for photographs. Coming back to “A Storybook Life”, Geoff Dyer says of this work “it is not that time has stopped; it is just nowhere to be seen”(Dyer and Ribbat,2013:21). As soon as I read this I thought of the current situation with Covid-19, and the idea fits with several of the phrases above


Dyer, G. and Ribbat, C. (2013) Philip-Lorca DiCorcia. (Bilingual edition) (s.l.): Kerber Verlag.

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