Jonathan Higbee – Coincidences

I was given a copy of Jonathan Higbee’s book as a Christmas present by my wife. I hadn’t heard of him before so this came as a complete surprise. Given the overall premise of the book – accidental juxtapositions that only exist for a moment – my receiving this as an unrequested gift seems quite appropriate.

Images here are in vivid colour, and many rely on colour for their surreal impact. The humorous juxtapositions work very well, although there seems to be no particular point being made here other than quirky images for the sake of it. His images often feature broad blocks of single colours, taken in bright daylight, with results that are often reminiscent of early 20th century modernist painting.

Since I am writing this post as part of research relating to B&W photography it may seem odd to write about a photographer who relies so much on colour. I’m interested though in the way that the use of colour here means many of these images would not work anywhere near as well in monochrome.


Higbee, J. (2019) Coincidences: New York by Chance. (s.l.): Anthology Editions.

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