Existing in limbo

By now we are all more or less used to lockdown restrictions. We (mostly) stay in as much as possible, remain 2 meters from anyone else and only buy what we need. Although for me it is not too much of an imposition, the situation has now become ‘the new normal’ but with no end in sight.

The reality is that we have had to put off any significant plans for the future but with no idea yet when we can restart. We are in limbo, existing day to day but unable to look too far into the future.

I’ve had the idea of trying to document this state of limbo for assignment 2. I’m not sure yet whether I will do this in colour or B&W. I’m not sure at all yet whether I can come up with enough to make this work but I won’t know if I don’t try. As a first attempt I have been photographing around my own house and garden (don’t want to break the rules!). Empty milk bottles waiting to be collected is symbolic of the uncertainty of the current situation



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