Connotation & Denotation

Bullet points of connotations and denotations determined from Martin Shield’s photograph.

Two boys off to play football
Good friends but support different teams
Boarded up windows – abandoned flats
Rubble and rubbish
Bare bushes – winter

Male friendship
Social deprivation
Clean kit so on their way to rather on their way back from
Both are well groomed so come from good household.
Run down area so likely from a poor background.

Reading the newspaper article doesn’t alter my reading of the image too much. A had thought it might be Glasgow as although the image is B&W, the boys’ shirts do look like Celtic and Rangers. Because of the intense rivalry between these two teams the photo does give an impression of solidarity – friendship surpassing any tribal loyalty. I also didn’t read the sense of belonging that this shows. The two boys are happy and comfortable, showing they belong here and that this is their home environment.

The obvious friendship and cameraderie shown in the image is not totally in agreement with the text though. The text describes a much more evenly divided populace than is implied in the image; from the image alone I would infer a much more decisive majority in the vote.

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