Assignment 1 – Flipbook

In his feedback for my A1 submission David suggested perhaps this could be digitally presented in booklet format. I’ve been investigating ways to achieve this but have found it is not possible to embed this kind of object in my blog without upgrading to a professional package. I may still do this at some point but for now I have been experimenting with what can be done with what I already have.

This post shows a link to a generated flipbook using a free application from FlipHTML5. It is not perfect by any means:-
– the book has to open in a separate window
– adverts are necessary with the free version
– limited control over enlarging each image

However it does present the images in a much better way than the embedded slideshow that is the standard mechanism with WordPress. I’ve posted this here just as a ‘work in progress’ marker that I may well return to later on.

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