A Way Forward

I received my assessment marks for my previous module ‘Landscape’ last week. Although I knew there were limitations in some of my work for that course, I still felt comfortable that I had produced an overall satisfactory level of work. It cam as a bit of a shock to find out just how much the assessors disagreed with my own self-evaluation.

My first reaction was “that can’t be right”, but I did appreciate I needed to process this first before anything else. I sat on this for a week before writing this piece.

In actual fact there aren’t really that many separate criticisms in the assessment, rather various remarks along the same theme. This essentially comes down to my work being too safe; in concept, presentation and communication. Having sat on this for a week I can now see the assessor’s point, and really it is one I already knew anyway. If I am to do better in this ‘Documentary’ module I do need to up my game, so to speak.

I do feel that I had become more adventurous in the latter stages of ‘Landscape’ and have continued in this manner for the first assignment here. Strictly speaking the Coronavirus crisis has forced me to adopt an unconventional approach but it is an attitude I need to retain for future work, both here and in any subsequent work in other modules.

I have enough self-awareness to know that I’m not naturally the world’s most
adventurous personality but I need to be aware of not automatically taking the safe option. I’m reminded here of Robert Frosts’ poem “The Road not Taken” – I need to look for the road less travelled.

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