A1 Development Part 4

I have not been able to get enough photos from the refill shop to support my initial idea of documenting the volunteers there along with their reasons for volunteering so I have combined some of those I do have along with some others from my local neighbourhood taken the day before the lockdown started, and two more staged images to try and illustrate the effects on the shop of the new restrictions. I intend this now to be much more about the effects of the virus lockdown on the refill shop – and life in general- than my original plan.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this borrows heavily from Paul Graham’s “A Shimmer of Possibility” by juxtaposing differing sets of images to get across an idea that is not directly apparent in the individual photographs. I particularly like the approach of placing the images at differing positions within the frame; it does tend to force the viewer to refocus each time, and also evokes a sense of disruption.









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